Municipal Pest & Rodent Control

Municipality and City Pest Control Solutions in Southeast Michigan

City Pest Control & Exterminating Huntington Woods | Ecotec Pest Control - bookmouseWhen insects and other unwanted visitors invade your municipality building, you need fast, reliable city pest control services to eliminate the problem before it gets worse.

Insects and bugs can make your school or government building unsanitary, and spraying store-bought repellent won't necessarily rid you of the problem for good. Considering the number of children, staff, and patrons that attend municipalities, risking their health is not an option. The only way to ensure that your school district’s building is safe and pest-free is to select a pest control company that is both known for their efficient treatments as well as cleared for municipality work. The family-owned and operated city pest control team at Ecotec Inc. checks off both of those boxes and will go to work ensuring that your municipality building is pest free and stays that way. With over 30 years of professional pest control experience working with municipalities in Huntington Woods, Waterford, Rochester, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, and Warren, Ecotec Inc. is your building’s answer for exterminator service that really works.

At Ecotec Inc., we place a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on our:

  • Quick response times
  • Easy and flexible appointment scheduling
  • Competitive pest control rates
  • Courteous, dependable team
  • Fully-certified staff cleared for municipality work

Don’t wait for a bug problem to arise –preventative maintenance solutions from Ecotec Inc. stop pests in their tracks!

Schools, town halls, courthouses, and more see hundreds (if not thousands) of people a day. Add in a school cafeteria or food court, and it’s a recipe for attracting pests! An infestation of insects, mice, or rats not only looks unprofessional but also could infect your patrons with salmonellosis or leptospirosis, which can lead to hospitalization. Before it gets to this point, however, you have the option to get ahead of a pest infestation by selecting Ecotec Inc. as your preventative city pest control provider. With in-depth property inspections (that detail if as well as how bugs are entering your property) paired with the expert know-how of Metro Detroit's most popular pests, we ensure that your building is safeguarded from insects and rodents. Our city exterminating team has battled our fair share of municipal pest infestations in the past and have the tools, pesticides, and experience necessary to nip a pest problem in the bud – and fast.

Don't hassle with unwanted pests when help is only a phone call away! Contact Ecotec Inc. today to bid your municipality’s pest problems farewell.